Kefir for weight loss

Kefir for weight loss

Kefir is a fermented milk drink similar to shrill yogurt made from kefir seeds. This drink is prepared inoculating cow, sheep or goat milk with kefir grains. Kefir in mainly composed of water and by-products of the fermentation process such as carbon-dioxide. As it is high in nutrients and probiotics, kefir assists in digestion and gut health.

Kefir has potential antibacterial properties. It can develop bone health and lower risks of osteoporosis, kefir increases calcium absorption in bone cells which leads to bone density and averts fractures. The probiotics in dairy products are believed to reduce tumour growth by stimulating your immune system. Therefore, it is likely that kefir may fight cancer. They contain enzymes that break down lactose hence, kefir is well tolerated by people with lactose intolerance. Regular consumption of kefir helps to detoxify our body.Kefir helps you slimming in multiple ways. First of all it’s low in calories and makes a perfect snack between meals.

The good bacteria in kefir helps maintain a balanced internal ecosystem and gut health, what most of us may not know is that our gut flora has a direct impact on body weight. In fact, microbial changes in the gut may contribute to weight gain or obesity.Kefir has a pre-digested casein protein which helps in slow digestion. When a particular food digests slowly, it means that it will keep you full for a longer period of time. Here, you will not feel hungry for extended period or eat less in your next meal, this will help to go down to your optimum weight. which also means that you will eat less for the next meal, resulting to significient wieght loss over time. It is rich in conjugated linoleic acid, a fatty acid that improves the body`s ability to burn down fats for fuel.

Kefir which is rich in protein increases satiety and helps rev the metabolism: two key factors that spur weight loss. The anti-obesity properties of kefir are due to its beneficial bacteria.
One study states that kefir helps to reduce abdominal fat, waist circumference and inflammation. Another one states that people who consumed kefir and other probiotics for 24 weeks have lost significantly more weight when compared to any other weight loss diets. According to USDA, an average adult must have 3 to 4 cups of kefir or any other probiotic a day in order to lose weight, so start your day with a small cup of kefir and swap your everyday latte with one of the fermented drink to stay healthy.

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