Coconut Kefir Grains | Where to buy coconut kefir Online

You can make your own diary-free coconut kefir probiotic rich drink coconut kefir at your home by purchasing organic kefir starter grains online from us!

Coconut kefir grains serves you to prepare carbonated kefir drink using coconut water and sweetner like organic sugar, coconut sugar or raw cane sugar.

Organic Coconut Water Kefir Grains 40 Grams 

(FREE: Double mesh strainer, Wooden Spoon Instruction manual & courier service)



  • Package contains Gluten free coconut water kefir grains & FREE Double Mesh Strainer.
  • Size of the grains – 2mm to 5 mm. 
  • These grains can be used to ferment sugar, jaggery water and coconut water.
  • Kefir grains are reusable and grows well provided the right feed and atmosphere.
  • 2 tablespoon kefir grains can ferment upto 1/2 – 1 liter daily.
  • We send by courier safely packed, the grains will be fresh, active and healthy upto 15 days in transit.
  • The courier will reach within 4-5 working days from the date of dispatch. 

How do we send the Kefir Grains to you?

  • We send by courier within same or next working day
  • We pack the coconut kefir grains in a food safety plastic container mixed with sugar to be nourished in transit.
  • The kefir will be safe in packing for 15 days, the courier will reach within 2-5 working days anywhere in India.
  • Once you receive you it, unpack, strain the coconut kefir grains and add to the fermenting jar with 200-500 ml of coconut water with 1 tablespoon of sugar in the first batch.
  • Ferment for 24 hours and separate the kefir coconut water and kefir grains following the instructions.


Equipments Needed

  • Clean Glass Jar (Jar mouth to be wide enough to put your fingers/scrubber to wash thoroughly)
  • A plastic/nylon strainer (Double mesh nylon strainer is best to separate the grains and ready coconut kefir water.)
  • Kitchen Towel / Close knit cloth (To avoid house flies and dust)
  • Rubber Band (To tighten the cloth covering the jar mouth)
  • Plastic/wooden Spoon ( to separate the grains and kefir water while sieving)

Ingredients Needed

  • Coconut Kefir Grains
  • 250- 1000 ml of coconut water
  • Organic sugar (Optional)

Preparation Method

Preparation Method Of Coconut Kefir
  1. Pour coconut water over your kefir grains in a clean glass jar. We suggest you not fill your jar all the way to the brim of the jar.
  2. Add 1-2 tablespoon of sugar for first batch of coconut water.
  3. Give a gentle stir to the coconut water and kefir grains using plastic spoon.
  4. Cover the jar mouth securely with clean kitchen cloth and secure with the rubber band. 
  5. Place the jar in a cool and well ventilated place in your kitchen until the kefir is cultured.
  6. Start checking your kefir at about 12 hours. It can take 24 hours or more to get your kefir to set the way you like it. Use your eyes and your nose, the coconut will turn bit cloudy, smells sour and sweetness reduced.
  7. Now, you can separate the coconut water and kefir grains using the strainer and plastic spoon.
  8. You can  repeat the process for next batch by place kefir grains directly into a fresh, clean jar and pour new coconut water on top. Leave on the counter to immediately start another batch.

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