About Us

Welcome to “Matru Probiotics Cultures”, a family based business.

Fermentation of Kefir is our family passion, we are the producers of Real Kefir made from organic Kefir Grains. 

In 2016 our family tasted kefir for the first time and witnessed real health benefits. It was the beginning of our journey and adventure that changed our life and led us to grow and nourish Kefir.

Since 2016 we have been producing kefir made from fresh organic cow’s milk from nearby grass fed farm and organic kefir grains. We specialise in culturing and preparing the grains with great love using organic milk in our kitchen with best hygenie condition.

Making kefir is great art, needs patience, hygiene atmosphere and more than that, we need full dedication to get best results.

We give our 100% assurance on the quality of our Kefir grains to give you best culturing results.